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Donald Trump Auto Decal: Presidentiable Plans To Attack LGBT?

Donald Trump Auto Decal: Presidentiable Plans To Attack LGBT?
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Donald Trump Auto Decal: Presidentiable Plans To Attack LGBT?

An image of a vehicle with a decal that shows a Confederate flag figure kicking a multi-coloured LGBT flag figure with “Trump 2016” written underneath has got internet users wondering whether there is any truth about it after it surfaced on the social media mid-October.

According to a report by the Pink News, the decal is being sold by Fast Decals, a decals vendor based in the US. However, two variations of the auto sticker, one showing a Confederation flag figure kicking an LGBT flag figure and vice versa, can be purchased online. The buyers can customize the size and the material of the decals as they would like it.

However, it does not refer to the ongoing debate on whether or not to show support to the Confederate flag, given its ties to racism and slavery. Trump’s running mate Mike Pence confirmed earlier this month that the GOP candidate will dissolve Obama’s LGBT rights protection.

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The real estate magnate claimed that he would appoint ultra-conservative Supreme Court justices to revoke same-sex marriages, threw his support behind North Carolina’s anti-trans law and assured that he would pass a Republican-backed bill that would allow religious homophobic discrimination.

Meanwhile, during a Trump rally in North Carolina a supporter wearing a T-shirt with the caption “Gays for Trump” attacked a protester. The supporter also had a Human Rights Campaign sticker on his “Make America Great Again” cap and held a rainbow flag.

The hoax-busting site,  Snopes, reported that the white lettered “Trump 2016” decal is also commonly available for sale on the internet. It appears that the decal on the vehicle in the image has been combined by someone to create a stir on the social media. On the other hand, displaying Confederate flags as a part of the campaign hasn’t been a position adopted Donald Trump.

However, the image is being considered in its metaphoric sense by many social media users. According to these users, the image reflects how Trump is inciting haters to join forces against vulnerable minorities.

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