Donald Trump Assassination: Vladimir Putin-Appointed Anchor Says America Could Murder Trump

Donald Trump Assassination: Vladimir Putin-Appointed Anchor Says America Could Murder Trump
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During a recent broadcast, Kremlin-appointed TV host Dmitry Kisiliov said that Donald Trump might get killed.


The prominent Russian host said that the GOP presidential candidate might be assassinated by the “military-industrial complex.” This, according to him, will happen before the candidate changes U.S. foreign policy.

According to Personal Liberty, Kisiliov made the prediction during a recent broadcast on Russia 1.

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“This combination, Trump’s leading in the race, his ability to state things as they are, and his intention to end the recent extreme Russian-American tensions – all this puts him in a very risky situation,” Kisiliov said during the broadcast.

“Now they may just kill him.”

Eight weeks are left before Election Day, and the GOP presidential candidate has been holding a narrow lead over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in Ohio. Both rival candidates are locked in at an extremely close contest in Florida.

Ohio and Florida are the two most critical battleground states, according to CNN.

Kisiliov believed that there are people who would make a profit from the degradation of the problematic relationship between the U.S. and its Cold War enemy. He said that the people would kill the GOP presidential candidate.

“The U.S. special (security) services do not need such a president. Those services promote hatred toward Russia in order to justify their existence,” Kisiliov said.

According to him, American oligarchs will never want Donald Trump as U.S. president. Kisiliov added that the GOP will try to settle issues with Russia. This would mean the money may go in a different direction.

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