Dolly Parton Reveals Childhood Secrets, Gives Sneak Peek Of ‘Coat Of Many Colors’

Dolly Parton Reveals Childhood Secrets, Gives Sneak Peek Of ‘Coat Of Many Colors’
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Dolly Parton has revealed a sneak peek of her latest movie to air on Tuesday, “Coat of Many Colors,” inspired by her 1971 hit single of the same name. Furthermore, Parton also shared her secret for looking young despite her age.


Dolly Parton has always made a name in the music industry because she had always created songs from the heart and inspired by true-to-life events. This is the reason why one of her hit singles during the 1970s is being produced into a movie entitled “Coat of Many Colors,” which will premiere on NBC this Thursday night.

The movie will tell the life story of the female country music phenomena including her poor years in Smoky Mountain, Tennessee and her climb towards the top of the entertainment industry as one of the most inspirational women in music. When asked about her life journey, Parton stated during an interview, “We always made jokes and said we didn’t even know we were poor till some smart aleck up and told us. We didn’t have any money, but we were rich in things that money don’t buy. You know, like love and kindness and understanding,” as reported by Today. Needless to say, the film’s theme would be surrounding the “rags to riches” personal journey of a woman who made it big in the music industry.

When the singer claimed her victory in Hollywood, she revealed how her mother perceived her success. She said, “I don’t think Momma was that surprised. Momma saw it in me. She thought, ‘Well, if anybody is gonna do what they say, it’s gonna be her.’ Because I was always very determined.”

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Additionally, Parton was also made famous because of her intriguing looks and voluptuous body. Apparently, she indicated that her look was inspired by her grandmother. She said, “I used to steal shoulder pads out of my grandma’s winter coat to make me a push-up bra. My poor grandma would say, ‘Where’s my shoulder pads?'”

Although the movie will be released on a December despite an emphasis on holidays in its scenes, Rolling Stone reported that the message of the movie still emanated from holiday perspective – the value of love for family and steadfast belief. Avie Lee, the actress who plays Parton in the movie, stated during an interview, “It is a story of faith. Dolly’s family, the Parton family, their faith was such a huge part of their lives and their connection.” Lee adds, “And a big part of the story is Lee Parton, Dolly’s father, his battle with his own journey of faith and how he came around to that, not to mention how faith helped hold their family together during tragedy. So it will absolutely be apropos for the holiday season.”

Catch the life story of the famous female country singer Miss Dolly Parton in the movie “Coat of Many Colors” on NBC.