Dog Parents, There Is A Pet-matching App For You

Dog Parents, There Is A Pet-matching App For You
puppy Lisa L Wiedmeier / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

To all dog parents who want to adopt more pets or those who are looking for their “soulpets,” there is now a pet-matching app like OkCupid or Tinder. The app uses an algorithm to pair parents with the most compatible dogs for them.


In order to match parents with their future dogs, PawsLikeMe uses a sophisticated personality assessment, like an online quiz, that matches “soulpets” and their humans based on compatibility. The matching system boasts an algorithm proven to be over 90-percent accurate. It takes into the account personality, lifestyle, and environmental factors when generating a score.

In order to generate the matching score between a parent looking to adopt a dog, the personality assessment looks whether the two are similar in temperament, energy, focus, confidence and independence.

“PawsLikeMe helps guide potential adopters to find positive matches, and without judgement. There are no good or bad scores, there is a score that generates best matches for a potential adopter,” the company said on its website.

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Just like any match-making website, PawsLikeMe highly recommends adopting parents to first meet a pet in person with all members of the household, before all adoption documents are finalized. The website also recommends temporary sleepovers for dog parents to get a much closer look at the pets that will be matched to them. “PawsLikeMe helps people and pets find each other and live happier lives together. That’s our mission. It’s why we exist,” the people behind the app said.