Dog Beater Ishmael Zamora Suspended For Three Games

Dog Beater Ishmael Zamora Suspended For Three Games
Dog Animal Homeless Abandoned Abuse To Accept Igor Shubin/ Pixabay Public Domain
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Ishmael Zamora, the budding wide receiver, has been suspended for three games by the Baylor Bears following the emergence of a video which shows the sophomore whipping and kicking his dog.


The video, which can be seen here, was first obtained by KXXV News Channel 25 in Waco, Texas, shows Zamora disciplining his dog by hitting it eight to nine times with a leather belt while also kicking it.

Ishmael Zamora: Inhumane act

A teammate of Zamora promptly recorded and posted the video on Snapchat. “I lost my temper trying to discipline him. I’ve been through training with a dog trainer to help me learn new potty training tips,” Zamora had said in a statement.

Despite Zamora’s justification for the animal abuse, the University of Baylor issued a statement on Tuesday, condemning the young player’s actions.

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“Our football program does not condone this behavior by anyone. We are deeply saddened by it and have worked together with the University to hold Ishmael accountable for his actions,” coach Jim Grobe said.

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Besides the three-game suspension and fine, Baylor announced that Zamora is obligated to perform at least 40 years of community service “in a manner that will teach him kindness and respect toward animals.”

According to ESPN, Zamora sent away the dog to Houston to live with relatives. On Tuesday, he released a statement, apologizing for the cruel act.

“I am sorry that I took out my frustration on my dog and accept the punishment that comes with it. This incident will never, ever happen again. I truly love my dog, however, I know that my actions showed differently and I know that I made a big mistake. I apologize to my family, teammates, Baylor University and our fans for my actions.

“Eventually, I hope that everyone can see who I really am and that I am not a terrible person. This incident does not and will not define me, and I know that I am the one who will have to prove that to others in the days ahead,” Zamora said in a lengthy statement.

Things could have been worse for Ishmael Zamora. Following his cruel act, there was an online petition, signed by 170,000 supporters, asking for him to be kicked off the team.

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