‘Doctor Strange’ Director Defends ‘Suicide Squad’ Movie: ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ Reviews Rotten?

‘Doctor Strange’ Director Defends ‘Suicide Squad’ Movie: ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ Reviews Rotten?
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Due to the recent negative reviews towards “Suicide Squad,” Director David Ayer has been facing a lot of heat. Fortunately, it looks like Scott Derrickson couldn’t handle critics beating down a good movie for the wrong reasons.


After the lift on the review embargo for “Suicide Squad,” Rotten tomatoes were the first to reveal their ratings for the movie. Currently, the tomatometer is at 35% as 24 critics considered the movie to be “Fresh” whereas 44 of them consider it “Rotten”.

While Director David Ayer has also responded to the negativity received for Suicide Squad, Scott Derrickson also posted a tweet in regards to readers going by Rotten Tomatoes review.

The “Doctor Strange” director insisted that users who do not read “selected reviewers” and go by with just reports from Rotten Tomatoes are “doing it wrong”. He also said the audience and “cinema deserve better” than that.

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While Scott Derrickson hasn’t tagged David Ayer in the post, the tweet came out minutes after Ayer’s second response in twitter. DC fans have been supportive on twitter and other social media platforms. Some also believe the critics are biased towards DCEU.

Scott Derrickson has indirectly shown his support for David Ayer’s work. However, recently at the world premiere of “Suicide Squad” movie, the DCEU director was caught shouting “F*ck Marvel” along with the fans.

Scott Derrickson will be releasing his upcoming Marvel movie Doctor Strange this year on November 6th. The film has also been confirmed to be a part of Marvel Multiverse in MCU.

The movie will be starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Stephen Strange, Mads Mikkelsen as the main antagonist and Rachel McAdams as the supporting actress.

In other news, Potential spoilers for Suicide Squad have already started to leak on the internet. You can take a look at the recent report here.

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