‘Doctor Who’ Season 10 Spoilers: Is It Time to Say Goodbye to ‘Paternoster Gang’ and Possible Spin-Off?

‘Doctor Who’ Season 10 Spoilers: Is It Time to Say Goodbye to ‘Paternoster Gang’ and Possible Spin-Off?
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Doctor Who Season 10 is being readied for its next run in 2017, and Catrin Stewart is also hopeful that the Paternoster Gang will make a comeback on the show. However, Stewart is not expecting a spin off, but she is grateful that the fans want them back.


The gang has become a favorite with the viewers and there have been demands for a separate show on the gang as well. The Paternoster Gang is a group of detectives comprised of Madam Vastra played by Neve McIntosh, Stewart’s character Jenny, and Dan Starkey’s Strax.

“I don’t think it’ll happen, but it’s nice to know that people really like us and want us to come back,” Stewart told Digital Spy. “It would be a really fun series to do, but I think it’s just the fans that want it. I don’t think there’s ever been any talk at the BBC.”

Meanwhile, showrunner Steven Moffat blamed the lack of “new thing” on the first episode of Season 9 of the show for the comparatively lower ratings. But the introduction of a new companion of the Time Lord in the upcoming Doctor Who Season 10 may turn the table for the show.

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“First episodes are tough, and I feel as though I slightly fumbled it last year by not having a ‘new thing’ in The Magician’s Apprentice … It was the same Doctor, same companion… You want to persuade people to tune in because a brand new thing is happening,” Moffat was quoted as saying by the Catermatt.

Pearl Mackie will play the role of Bill, the new companion of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who in the upcoming Doctor Who Season 10. Bill will replace Clara Oswald, which was played by Jenna Coleman.

“Fantastically written, cool, strong, sharp, a little bit vulnerable with a bit of geekiness thrown in — I can’t wait to bring her to life and to see how she develops through the series,” Mackie said. “I always loved stage combat at drama school, so I can’t wait to get on set and kick some evil monsters into the next dimension.”

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