Do You Want To Improve Your OnePlus 2 Camera Results? Read On

Do You Want To Improve Your OnePlus 2 Camera Results? Read On
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OnePlus 2, though one of the best camera smartphones available today, can still give you better pictures if you keep these few tips and tricks in mind. Read on to improve your picture quality.

OnePlus 2 is one of the best smartphones available in the market today. Camera is one the aspects we strongly consider before investing into a phone, all thanks to the selfie and Facebook photo culture. With apps like Instagram, we find that pictures do not look good anymore without adding our own personal touches. This is where OnePlus 2 camera lacks. It is still one of the best camera phones today. But what if you can improve the quality of pictures with just a few tricks?


Clear image: This is a camera feature many people are not used to. The name though is self-explanatory; it is better to understand exactly when to use this feature. Do not use this feature to capture objects that are nearby. OnePlus 2 will give you a clear image. It is recommended to use Clear Image feature for landscapes. As the distance is great, this feature helps you grab a clear picture of what you are trying to shoot.

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Adjusting brightness: Most of the smartphone cameras give you a circle on the screen which can be moved to places you need your camera to focus on. But the OnePlus 2 camera’s circle is quite stubborn. To make it move, hold on the sun that appears inside the circle and then drag it to the desired area. Sometimes, this slider moves in other modes but does not work. It is best to switch to auto mode in such times, as you can easily work with brightness in this mode.

Shooting panorama? Keep moving your phone: Many OnePlus 2 users complain that the moment they stop even for a few seconds, panorama stops working completely. This is because the interface of the phone is smart enough to grab images quickly, unlike the mode in other smartphones. So shoot your landscape without stopping. Just move your phone from one end to another and you have an excellent panorama in no time.

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