Do You See #ALDUB A Lot On Twitter Lately? We Have The Answer

Do You See #ALDUB A Lot On Twitter Lately? We Have The Answer
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The hashtag #ALDUB, which people all over the world are seeing over and over again as the top trending topic on Twitter, pertains to a Filipino onscreen couple, reel lovers, Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards. The two are now considered a power couple that has achieved a global phenomenon.


The hashtag was born out of combining Richards’ first name Alden and Mendoza’s screen name, Yaya Dub, which she used in Philippine noontime show “Eat Bulaga.” Their onscreen chemistry can be compared to that of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” Except that Mendoza and Richards are yet to have a movie. What they have is a mini-TV series shown everyday during lunch hour in the Philippines.

Nevertheless, the onscreen couple was already dubbed as a global phenomenon by Twitter Asia Pacific and Middle East Vice President, Rishi Jaitly. According to a report from Rappler, the reel sweethearts garnered a record 26 million tweets on Sept. 26 with the hashtag #AlDubEBforLove. In an interview with Rappler, Jaitly noted that this was just short of a couple of million tweets to break the record global tweets for Super Bowl XLIX in February 2015.

Jaitly said that the recorded tweets for the couple in September had surpassed the tweets about the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards – this was despite the mini-TV series starring Mendoza and Richards being a 30-minute segment, and in spite of Miley Cyrus hosting the MTV awards. Not to mention that Kanye West also announced he was running for president in 2020 during the recently held MTV.

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Jaitly told Rappler that Twitter had initially doubted the authenticity of the tweets pertaining to ALDUB but they found out that they were wrong. “This is such a global phenomenon, as I said, that we had to look internally to make sure that these tweet volumes were in fact authentic. But this is real, this is not a sideshow, this is real media being creative,” Jaitly told Rappler.

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In a separate report from Rappler, Broadway artist and international celebrity Lea Salonga came under fire when she tweeted something that was misunderstood by fans as criticism of the power couple. According to a report from BITBAG, rapper Dawin thanked the power couple for using his song “Dessert” in their miniseries. The international band Lifehouse also invited Mendoza and Richards to watch their concert. Broadway producer Shea Arendar also expressed desire to cast the two for his new comedy musical.

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  • Galitsa_umeepal

    WOW! amazing. ALDUB is actually a global hit no one can disagree with it.

    • Barok Tarzan

      un sa kabila d pa rin matanggap tanggap hehehe

      • aldub u

        nasa denial stage pa din kasi haha, unawain na lamang sila.

      • Galitsa_umeepal

        kasi namayagpag sila after magsubside kasikatan ni marian. ngayun na bumawi ang gma parang nagulantang sila imagine talent fee ng eb at gma artist ay di kamahalan samantalang ang mga pinipirata nila (abiascbn) ang mamahal kaya gulat na gulat sila kung ano gagawin nila. hahaha tapos ini intimidate pa nila ang aldubnation kesyo ganun ganyan kaya ngayun tigbak ang taga dos. hahaha

  • haynaku

    Sucaldito..ampalaya pa more.. o pipino ??? Lol

  • marshana

    Wait for the traffic to your website Morning news USA in 5..4…3..2…1……… Boom!

  • Ms. D

    you forgot to mention Bryan White, his song “God gave me you” is the theme song of #ALDUB and his concert in Manila is unexpectedly scheduled on 1st of December.

  • Mich Villanueva

    Not to mention these two now have four television commercial ads within just three months of being paired up and Mendoza, who is a newbie, has two separate ones. 🙂

  • the big thing has yet to arrive! but soon enough on Oct 24 the RIGHT TIME (TAMANG PANAHON) will give twitterlandia a blast! its a big FANmily Get-Together of ALDUB Nation Worldwide!

  • midminap

    wow fantastic….so proud go go go..aldub

  • kenneth balba

    tickets are now sold out, for Oct 24,2015 at the Philippine Arena with seating capacity of 55,000. Sold out in 48 hours. To GOD be the glory! AlDub.

  • Ester Grace Tampus Freeman

    Amazing! Thank you Morning News USA for featuring AlDub in your media platform! #ALDUBRoadToForever

  • miyo

    ALDUB you Morning News USA!! Thank You for this!

  • Juan Dela Vega

    ALDUB is for Real……But for others-A FAD???Shallowness??? TeenTweets Concern???….Bitter Pips

  • Nice intro! hihi. You forgot Bryan White though. 😀

  • dangski

    Soar High AlDub!


  • Hendot2012

    Lokohin nyo sarili nyo, wala ngang Amerikanong pumapansin. #PilitPaMore

    • Mark Miro

      Hendot2012>….Ang ampalaya mu noh..!!!

    • Ester Grace Tampus Freeman

      ALDUB you, dear

    • Barok Tarzan

      ewan ko ka hendotrotot s akala yata si bryan white ay bisaya hehehe

      • aldub u

        haha! oo nga si bryan white ay bka nde amerikano, tsaka si dawin ng dessert, tsaka si
        bryce soderberg ng lifehouse na ka-tweet pa mismo ni maine, ilan lng naman sila sa nde kilala ang aldub haha! talk to ur hand Hendot! patawa ka eh! kaya nga nman pati reader’s digest nde pinagkaabalahan interbyuhin ang aldub eh no? tanggap tanggap din ng katotohanan!

    • Renato C Oczon


      • Ester Grace Tampus Freeman

        Let’s show them love nalang, no bad vibes please

    • EJ W. Santander

      BitterMelon spotted!

    • Renato C Oczon


    • aldub u


    • Mark Miro

      HENDOT2012…Pra kang Politiko…nag bubulag bulagan..nag bibingi bingihan…

      politician k siguro noh???

    • Weiskei

      Anu ba? kulang lang yan sa hendot, kita nyo name nya hendot2012. 2012 pa sya huling nakahendot. bwahahahaha

      • tess

        Tama haha hendot pamore

    • 1a

      lol! hindi na kelangan ng aldub ng amerikanong fans, millions of filipino fans around the world is enough #bitterpamore

    • panda

      Bitter pa din? tatlong buwan na ah?

    • TheGaryalvarez .

      so ano yang balita na yan?

  • LJ Anteja dubaialdub

    We are hoping to break another record this coming Saturday, October 24, 2015 because it the grand fan meeting of ALDUB in Philippine Arena and the tickets were sold out in a matter of 2 days with 55K seats! 100% of the ticket will proceed to the project of ALDUB library all over the Philippines. That is why the fans really exerted efforts in purchasing the tickets. Plus pinoy aldub fans around the globe wanted to help as well by any means with the project.

  • EJ W. Santander

    Aldub You All!

  • grey sinister


  • EJ W. Santander

    This is it! the “Tamang Panahon”(Right Time”) will happen this coming 24 of October.. WOOooooo!!!(Regine voice)

  • strawberry cake

    ALDUB You Morning News USA ^-^

  • MkLaren

    Thank you Morning News USA!!! We truly appreciate this article…ALDUB you all! 🙂

  • MkLaren

    Vin Diesel ALDUB pabebe wave… whooo!!!

  • Mark Miro

    Sabi ni HENDOT2012…Amerikanong pumapansin sa ALDUB…

    wahahaha…politiko kc ang isang to…

    bulag na bingi pa…

    atleast hindi xa PP..-=)

  • ADizon

    Wow, Fantastic!

  • Rhamzell Pingol

    Morning News USA we really appreciate this article about ALDUB! Wooooh!! More power! ALDUB Nation Unite! Oct 24 is a big day for fans and the recipient of Libraries!

  • Prehll Llyhnn Archival Caste

    wala na talagang makapagpipigil ng Aldub,,unite,,,
    wow fantastic baby

  • EAJ RR

    WOW fantastic baby! PROUD ALDUB FAN here.

  • Jo Allan Ferrer Buhat

    Thats fantastic news!nakkataba ng puso!! Sa mga ALDUB Nation!!Congrats,You deserve to be part of ALDUBteam!!ALDUB hindi lng beauty and brain!!!Good role model of the youth,especialy Mr Alden inside and out busilak ang puso nya..He is perfect example to all of us..Once again thank!!God bless and more power!!MABUHAY ALDUBYOU!

  • lhyn lhyn

    you’ve missed one name though… he is BRYAN WHITE, his ‘GOD GAVE ME YOU’ is ALDUB’s themesong.

  • wildsoul

    wag nyong pasinin ang mga stone age n tao katulad ni hendot hahhaa

  • Jayvee Ruru Ignacio

    Aldub you! Ayiiiie!

  • BatangKayumanggi

    Expect that your website will be flooded with comments and your link shared and re-tweeted million times…

    • Nikki Aborque

      Yeah, it’s such a phenomenon!

    • Indeed. Your support for the team is felt even by us. Congrats!

    • Rod Patrick

      Indeed! That Power Couple is the Newly Hailed PHILIPPINE TV QUEEN AND KING! Filipinos around the world, including those in Texas, are diligently supporting the Royal Couple everyday.

  • Janiz Bangsi-il

    What a news!

  • Anita D. Cruz

    good news report from featuring our idol ALDUB so proud of them,always excited and thrilled watching aldub daily except sundays. never had tweeted in my life like this aldub made me do-it changed my ways of daily life-always wanted to read news about them-tweets or RT a lot.. watch and re-watched the Eat Bulaga/Kalyeserye portion where they have the segment-tirelessly. thanks for the report.

    • We’re observing the entire trend right now. It’s really massive. You, supporters, are powerful.

    • Diepor

      Your idol is a tv soap?

  • Marcelino Michael

    Ellen D. will be the next… one step at a time ka aldub.. =)

  • Marcelino Michael

    btw,.. thanks Morning News USA!!

  • Red Ballesteros

    Nice article! Just to add to it, actress Maine Mendoza became famous because of her Dubsmash Videos on You Tube and was recruited by the noontime show. The couple and series can also be compared to Disney animated movies like Cinderella. Screen name Yaya Dub. (“Yaya” is “Nanny” in english and “Dub” from Dubsmash App) meets this guy on a date. Or even Little Mermaid because Yaya Dub is similar to Ariel’s character- funny, clumsy, cute and doesn’t talk too much. The couple communicates via Dubsmash, lip syncing audio samples or fansigns! It’s a unique chemistry that took our country by storm! The couple has achieved so many things within a span of 3 months that no other showbiz couple here in our country has done before – gold and titanium record sales, topping itunes charts, even billboard album charts. product endorsements one after the other, big concerts and a movie soon. I won’t be surprised if the couple or even one of them makes into the international scene. Hollywood perhaps? 🙂

    • Diepor

      Dont people work at noontime?

      • Red Ballesteros

        Well they manage to squeeze the 30-minute series in their schedule! 🙂 They watch them in school halls, malls, housewives at home, they watch them in office pantries while having lunch. It’s a culture thing and it’s pretty much accepted in this part of the world.

        • Diepor

          It must be a cultural thing. In my schools and work we dont watch soaps @ lunch.

          • Red Ballesteros

            well yeah first time happened. i know looks like a bit unproductive but, yeah we need to be more focused on schools. schedules are worked around this mini soap. lol!

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  • Jenusse Luna

    Hi Morning news USA!*pabebe wave.

    Aldub is Love!


    thank you po to the Morning News USA…kaya mahal namin ang aldub and EBkalyeserye at si tisoy at menggay kaya kaminagkkaisa dahil sa tawa at saya ng amng buhay aldub you po MORNING NEWS USA.

  • Ian Oso


  • Ronald George Bautista Folloso

    And so as part of the aldub nation we’ve been very keen on seeing alden richards and yaya dub “Aldub” to guest on the ellen show. The world has to witness that moment

  • Amelia Bravo- Misa

    Thanks so much Morning News USA for recognizing ALDUB!!! We ALDUB Fans really appreciate it very much!!!

  • Kristine Depante

    They’re the main reason why I am so into Twitter now 🙂
    Thanks for this article Morning News USA. More power!

  • rosario sernal avila

    #ALDUB is in the heart of every Pilipino here and abroad. The bond is so unbelivable and unexplainable. At an instant , like a lightning pierced through our hearts. We loved them both…. ALDUB YOU,.

  • carla

    Thank you so much this…godbless

  • Pegg

    Hooray for ALDUB!
    They are Philippines’s power couple! They only communicate through dubsmash and split screen 🙂

  • Jocelyn Miranda

    Aldub promotes love, good values and empathy…. never in my life supported any love team in TV an movies ….but these two people are a pair of happy pills. They fill the world with love and laughter.


    its time to call it aldub world

  • Dale Lagayada

    Watch out for Oct. 24, the biggest eyeball of ALDUB NAtion will be happening at the biggest indoor arena in the world, the Philippine Arena. Not just 55K supporters will be there, but more than that will be patiently lurking outside just to have a glimpse of this power couple ALDUB.

  • Garydp

    Let me just remind the fans of Aldub to try using their brains when they respond to comments and views of other non fans. There have been numerous sites and blogs being bombarded with hate messages and name calling, not to mention threats regarding this issue. My personal facebook review caused me so much grief by Aldub fans that one have told me to kill myself because I didn’t like the show. The truth is I work for a living and I record the network show, but lately it’s become recycled. It’s not bad to have a show or characters you idolize, but to put down degrade others because they don’t share your views is down right insane. For most of the Aldub followers they haven’t been using that grey matter between their ears to reply to comments. Most of those obessive fans have shown that the followers of Aldub are nothing more than a bunch of bully’s putting down anyone in their way. I’ve been criticized by one fan for being arrogant because I don’t write in Tagalog or pretending to be caucasian. I mean seriously, just because my writing in English is beyond their education level I’m being arrogant? So there you have it, the mentality that most of the fans share and if this keeps up they are only going to be labeled insane.

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