Do You Know You Can Stop Google From Tracking Your Data In Just One Simple Step?

Do You Know You Can Stop Google From Tracking Your Data In Just One Simple Step?
Google Carlos Luna/Flickr CC BY 2.0
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Has Google’s constant tracking ever worried you? Have you ever wondered how you could surf the internet without sharing your personal data with Google? If your answer is yes, then we have a solution for you. To stop sending data to Google, you do not have to stop using this search engine. All you need to do is enable VPN.


VPN is a technology that routes your internet traffic through a third-party server. What does that mean? When you put this technology to use, the websites you visit will not see the traffic coming from your computer or mobile, but from a third-party server. As the server tracked is not yours, no personal data is shared in the process.

The search engine giant itself allows you to turn off Google tracking, but before you do that you have to go through a long list of instructions. VPN is simple. To enable it on desktop, you need to configure it on your system. If you want turn it on on your smartphone, it is even easier. Just go to Settings, open VPN and follow the instructions. Depending on your machine and device, there can be minor changes in how you configure it.

Many a times, VPN brings along with it an app that allows you to understand the location of the server from which your traffic is routed through.

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If you still do not want to use Google or are looking for easier ways, there are search engines out there that offer you information without tracking your data. DuckDuckGo, Disconnect, StartPage and ixquick are some of them.