Ditch iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Pro Should Be Your Next Phone

Ditch iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Pro Should Be Your Next Phone
iPhone Pro el nuevo modelo mejorado del iPhone 7 Plus iphonedigital / Flickr cc

There seems to be no saving Apple’s iPhone 7 as the iPhone 7 Pro has now emerged as a far better model, dashing any chances that it might have left of creating a good impression in the market. It is being rumored that the iPhone 7 Pro would contain a dual camera, 3GB RAM and so much more!


Apple fans were left considerably dejected after tech analyst Ming-chi Kuo predicted that iPhone 7 will contain no significantly impressive features and will just be a clone of iPhone 6 and 6s.

The only ounce of hope the analyst had offered was the fact that since it has been a trend with Apple to release multiple versions of every iPhone 7 (a regular and a Plus version), there was still something for tech enthusiasts to look forward to. He even went as far as predicting that iPhone 7 Plus will have dual cameras on the back, 3GB RAM, and 5.5-inch screen space, reports The Verge. As it turns out, he was right… almost.

According to Forbes, OnLeaks, which has been correct about other iPhone designs way ahead of their releases, has come up with a rumored design in which there is a clear comparison between the iPhone 7 and another model called “iPhone 7 Pro.” This might mean, in all possibility, that instead of coming out with a Plus version, Apple would be releasing a Pro version of its latest launch.

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The following are some of the noticeable differences between iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro that makes it evident that the latter is a far better model than its inferior sibling:

  • While the iPhone 7 has a larger camera slot, indicating it might get a slight upgrade when it comes to camera, from its predecessor, the iPhone 7 Pro is going to feature a dual lens rear camera. The latter is most likely to offer enhanced optical zoom and a much better angle control.
  • The rumors about a Smart Connector being introduced in the iPhone 7 has been cleared up, and it looks like iPhone 7 would be missing out on that cool feature too. It will now be included in iPhone 7 Pro instead!

With the simultaneous launch of iPhone 7 Pro, it really does not look bright and sunny for iPhone 7.

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