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Disney World Wedding Is Now Open: Magic Kingdom Is Yours From Midnight ‘Till Dawn!

Disney World Wedding Is Now Open: Magic Kingdom Is Yours From Midnight ‘Till Dawn!
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Disney World Wedding Is Now Open: Magic Kingdom Is Yours From Midnight ‘Till Dawn!

Fulfilling a childhood dream of having a Disney World wedding is can now be a reality!

The Magic Kingdom Park in Florida now opens Disney World themed weddings from midnight until dawn.

According to the website of the Disney World Weddings, the park will be available as venue for a Disney themed ceremony after its closing hours.

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“With the love of your life by your side and surrounded by friends and family, you can experience an unforgettable wedding in the place where dreams come true,” the Magic Kingdom said in their press release.

The Magic Kingdom After Hours Experience will offer an exclusive, highly customizable Disney World themed ceremony and reception that would fulfil a couple’s fairy tale dream.

The park suggests exchanging vows in the Cinderlla Castle or has their reception at the Fantasyland.

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“These will be memories that will last a lifetime for both you and every one of your wedding guests,” the statement read.

And now that you have your perfect setting, are you planning to have you Disney-themed wedding already?

We piled up these suggestions you can check out as you prepare for that once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

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Why not have an engagement photos inspired by “Up,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Snow White.”

Ashley and Ty decided to have theirs incorporated with these Disney movies.

The couple, whose story of having a Disney-themed wedding has gone viral, had their ceremony at The Grove, The Huffington Post said.

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Their wedding cake was designed with Carl and Ellie’s chair in “Up” while each tables were decorated with different Disney themed figures.

For the bride’s wedding dress, you can also get ideas from the recently released Disney-themed gowns designed by Alfred Angelo, Yahoo said.

Choose from the wedding dresses which were inspired by Disney princesses Pocahontas, Ariel, Elsa, Mulan, and Aurora.

Check the wedding photos here.

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