Disney Releases ‘Pete’s Dragon’ First Trailer & Poster

Disney Releases ‘Pete’s Dragon’ First Trailer & Poster
Bryce Dallas Howard at the 2006 San Diego Comic Con discussing Spiderman 3 on July 22. Tostie14 / Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

On Sunday, Walt Disney Pictures unleashed the first trailer and poster for the upcoming remake of the 1977 classic film Pete’s Dragon. The trailer opens with someone moving through an enchanted forest, and a wild, young boy named Pete (portrayed by American child actor Oakes Fegley) scrambling up the branches of a tree.


In the trailer, Robert Redford, playing the role of Mr. Meacham, tells his daughter Grace Meacham (Bryce Dallas Howard), “You don’t survive in a forest for six years . . . alone,” then Grace responds, “He says he wasn’t alone.”

Pete’s Dragon’s cast include Wes Bentley, Karl Urban and Oona Laurence.

Pete’s Dragon is directed by David Lowery and written by Lowery & Toby Halbrooks. It is based on a story by Seton I. Miller and S.S. Field. The motion picture is produced by Jim Whitaker alongside Barrie M. Osborne as executive producer.

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WETA Digital will make effective use of the latest digital effects to bring Pete’s dragon named Elliott to life.

According to The Disney Blog, Pete’s Dragon “is the adventure of an orphaned boy named Pete and his best friend dragon named Elliott. For years, old wood carver Mr. Meacham played by Robert Redford has delighted local children with his tales of the fierce dragon that resides deep in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. However, Mr. Meacham’s daughter Grace, who works as a forest ranger, believe that these stories are little more than tall tales, until she meets Pete.”

Pete’s Dragon will fire up the big screen in the U.S. on August 12, 2016.