Disney Gator Attack: Walt Disney Facing Charges Of Wrongful Death & Gross Negligence?

Disney Gator Attack: Walt Disney Facing Charges Of Wrongful Death & Gross Negligence?
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In the wake of the tragic Disney gator attack that shook the entire world over the past week, several legal experts have weighed in, giving their expert opinion on the possibility of a legal case that the theme park giant might face.


In his previous interview with People, veteran Orlando-based litigation lawyer Matt Morgan said it’s the sole responsibility of Walt Disney Corporation, the owner of the Disney World theme park in Orlando, Florida, to ensure the safety of its guests.

But from earlier reports, it was revealed that Disney did not bother posting warnings of possible gator presence in the park other than the “no swimming” sign, as previously reported by Morning News USA.

“If Disney had knowledge that there were alligators in the lagoon and did not take steps to inform their guests of such dangers, then they could be liable. The Walt Disney Corporation has a duty to warn their hotel guests of any dangers that they either know about or should know about,” Morgan was quoted as saying by People.

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On the question of Disney’s knowledge about the presence of gators in the park, particularly in the Seven Seas Lagoon, where the two-year-old Lane Graves was snatched and drowned by a gator, a park insider told The Wrap that management was aware all along about guests feeding the gators.

“Disney has known about the problem of guests feeding the alligators well-prior to the opening of the bungalows. With the opening of the bungalows, it brought the guests that much closer to wildlife. Or, the wildlife that much closer to the guests,” the park insider, who requested anonymity, told The Wrap.

The park management refused to comment on this allegation as of press time. Meanwhile, the Graves family, through their official publicist, has requested for privacy while they mourn the death of their son.

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