Disney Gator Attack: Lawsuit Failed In Georgia Case, Could This Happen To Matt & Melissa Graves?

Disney Gator Attack: Lawsuit Failed In Georgia Case, Could This Happen To Matt & Melissa Graves?
Disney World – Magic Kingdom Haydn Blackey / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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Barely a week after the deadly Disney gator attack that killed two-year-old Lane Graves while having a vacation with his parents in the Disney World in Florida, reports of a similar case that was junked by a high court has surfaced.


Immediately after the gruesome incident, which left the whole country devastated, legal experts have weighed in, giving their forecasts about whether or not the Graves family should decide to sue the theme park. Many law experts say the Graves family will have a good fight if they decide to bring the matter before the court, as previously reported by Morning News USA.

However, a report from the AJC reveals that a similar incident happened in Georgia has reached the court but was later junked by the state Supreme Court. The case in Georgia involved an 83-year-old woman who was attacked by an 8-foot alligator while the victim was walking around the vicinity of a residential complex called the Landings Community.

Justine Melton spoke for the 4-3 majority decision, which the high court ruled in favor of the Landings community, reverting the earlier decision from the lower court. Melton said the records would show that the victim was aware of the presence of wild gators in the area.

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“The record shows that Williams knew that the wild alligators were dangerous, saying herself that she would not want to be anywhere near them. Nonetheless, Williams chose to go for a walk at night near a lagoon in a community in which she knew alligators were present,” Melton wrote in the decision as quoted by AJC.

In an earlier report by Morning News USA, an insider from the Disney World told The Wrap that the management of the park was aware of guests feeding the wild animals. Disney, meanwhile, refused to comment as of writing.

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