Differences, Similarities Between iPad Pro And MacBook Air

Differences, Similarities Between iPad Pro And MacBook Air
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What do you prefer carrying to work – a 12.9-inch tablet or an 11.6-inch laptop? If you are still not sure which one is a better option – iPad Pro or MacBook Air – then read on…

When it comes to display, iPad Pro definitely wins. Being a tablet, this device is easier to carry compared to a heavy MacBook Air. While working you can also attach a keyboard to iPad Pro and convert it into a laptop. This gadget does a fantastic job even when it comes to performance. Packed with 64-bit A9X processor, Apple claims that it makes the device run 1.8 times faster than iPad Air 2’s A8X. On the other hand, MacBook Air runs on 1.6GHz dual-core i5. So the chances of iPad Pro outperforming MacBook Air are higher.


Now for the operating system, iPad Pro runs on Apple’s latest iOS 9, whereas the company’s laptop runs on OS X Yosemite. Though MacBook Air runs on an old OS, the upgrade to the advanced OS X El Capitan will be available on September 30. If you are investing in a device that will help you carry out your routine flawlessly, then go for MacBook Air. Its simple way of operating makes it easier to work with.

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Speaking of the battery, none of the device scores higher than the other. With a single charge, iPad Pro as well as MacBook Air can last up to 10 hours. It’s a tie here.

iPad Pro is a latest entry and hence is an improved version of all Apple devices we have been using till date. MacBook Air, being an older device, lags behind in many ways, but still, it performs well and delivers good results when it comes to its own category. But yes, if you are confused between the two and are looking for a gadget that can be convenient to carry and will allow you to work while on the go, choose iPad Pro.

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