Did Michael Jackson Confide Pedophilia To Doctor Convicted Of Murdering Him?

Did Michael Jackson Confide Pedophilia To Doctor Convicted Of Murdering Him?
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Dr. Conrad Murray’s book about the iconic Michael Jackson will hit the book stands anytime soon. The content of the book will surely put to rest all pedophilia issues about the dead superstar.


According to Mirror, the doctor who became Jackson’s close friend and only confidante wrote on his book that the “Billie Jean” singer has a bizarre desire for young girls. He got infatuated with 5- year-old Harriet Lester who was his close friend Mark Lester’s daughter.

Through the years, his feelings for the young girl intensified. When Lester turned 12, Jackson told Murray that he wants to marry the young girl. He even requested him to talk to her father for a possible marriage.

However, the doctor discouraged him because it was against the law. He also requested him to study the laws on marriage to a minor. Harriet Lester was Jackson’s goddaughter.

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Another target was Emma Watson who was only 11 years old. At that time, she appeared in “Harry Potter.” She was his second choice in case his desire for Lester will not materialize.

The book will rekindle all the rumors that have been linked to the singer through the years. Even after he died, rumors that he was a pedophile never stopped.

As per Huffington Post, less than a month ago, his name was again dragged in a write-up that he was a pedophile and nude photos, animal torture and pornographic magazines were found at his house at the Neverland Ranch. Later, the news was slammed by a YouTube user claiming that those photos were taken in 2008 and not in 2003.

Dr. Conrad Murray was convicted of murdering the former member of Jackson 5. According to court records, he was guilty of the over dosage of the anesthetic propofol that he prescribed to Jackson.  He claims that he did not kill his former employer and he loves him dearly.

What was Dr. Murray’s motive in publishing a book about Michael Jackson?

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