The Hoff: Did David Hasselhoff Really Change His Name?

Everyone was shocked. Did David Hasselhoff really change his name? Some say he did. Some say he didn’t. What’s the real score?


On November 12, the actor uploaded a video on YouTube saying he did change his name. He said he has always wanted to remove the prefix ‘Hassel’ from his surname and the Baywatch star has now officially changed his name, according to reports. E Online published the story as well. He even tweeted this change.

In his YouTube video, posted on his YouTube channel, “David Hoff”, David Hasselhoff – sorry – David Hoff, showed off his certificate stating that he is no more to be called David Hasselhoff.

“I’ve been wanting to drop the Hassel from my life for years. Now, it’s official. David Hoff.”

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But The Wrap dismissed the report, claiming that the actor’s spokesperson said it was just an excerpt from a campaign in Australia.

Hoff played the leader of the team that saved lives of drowning swimmers in the 90’s popular TV series, Baywatch. It gave rise to the stars such as Pamela Anderson and Brooke Burns.

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