Diction API Released For ‘Pebble Time’ And Time Steel, Answers Messages Hands-Free

Diction API Released For ‘Pebble Time’ And Time Steel, Answers Messages Hands-Free
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Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel have found a new feature to keep their customers happy. This time, the company has included a new feature that will allow users to answer emails and texts without using mobile phones. The Nuance-powered voice recognition or Diction API will allow voice recognition possible. The news is announced by both Nuance and Pebble.


Pebble mentioned in its blog, “Powered by Nuance, our new Dictation API makes Pebble apps that use voice recognition from the wrist possible. From keeping in touch hands-free to controlling smart homes and connected cars, the possibilities are endless.”

The feature in question is currently available on Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel. It will be available on Pebble Time Round from November 8. The company is open for developers to experiment with the new system. While functionality is limited to Text and Emails for the time being, it may adapt other apps quite soon.

Scott Taylor, Senior Vice President of devices of Nuance Mobile, has said, “Voice opens up a world of possibility for wearable devices – in seconds, messages dictated by voice are sent right from the wrist with just a touch of a button. By opening the Dictation API to Pebble developers, more experiences will be delivered and consumers will be able to connect without having to look down at their device.”

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This is certainly a big offering by both companies to Pebble users. Kean Wong, Vice President of Software Engineering at Pebble, mentioned, “Making voice capabilities accessible to developers will help grow the Pebble app ecosystem exponentially, providing Pebble users access to more apps that are fun, intuitive, and easy to use.” We expect to see more innovation from both the companies in future.