Diamond-studded Apple Watch Available For Pre-order

Diamond-studded Apple Watch Available For Pre-order
Courtesy of Brikk
Brikk Diamond studded Apple Watch Available For Pre order
Courtesy of Brikk

The Apple Watch Gold edition can be customized with shimmering diamonds for the price of $114,995.


The customized version is called the Lux Watch Omni and is available from Brikk, a company that designs and manufactures luxury products and accessories. Lux Watch Omni is already open for pre-orders with an initial payment of $10,000. Delivery comes four to six weeks after the official roll-out of the Apple Watch on April 24.

The Lux Watch By Brikk

brikk omni detail2 yellow Diamond studded Apple Watch Available For Pre order
Courtesy of Brikk

The Lux Watch editions – Standard, Deluxe and Omni – are Brikk’s customized version of the Apple Watch. Customization involves covering the watch’s band, case, crown and face with perfect diamonds and plating in yellow, pink gold and platinum.

Brikk assures buyers that it only uses rare and complex materials commonly used for scientific projects, including space travel and exploration.

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“Rarely, if ever, have they been used for the consumer market,” Brikk said on its website.

Brikk is also the company behind the gold-plated iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Brikk’s Profit for Philanthropy

Behind the big price tag on the customized Lux Watch is a noble cause.

Brikk’s business model follows what the company calls ‘profit for philanthropy.’ The model means Brikk is funneling “a portion of proceeds to assist populations around the world which are suffering.” For each product purchased from Brikk, a portion is given and distributed to people in need through select Non-governmental Organizations.

According to Mashable, the insides of the Apple Watches and Brikk’s customized versions are the same. The customizations will be layered upon the stainless steel case and the Link Bracelet band of the Apple watch, Brikk told Mashable.