Destiny Xur Location: Merchant Moving To Exotic Location, New Vendor Arriving Soon?

Destiny Xur Location: Merchant Moving To Exotic Location, New Vendor Arriving Soon?
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The infamous vendor from Destiny known as Xur will reportedly arrive on World of Warcraft via the Legion expansion expected to be out this August.


Also known as “Xur’ios”, the vendor has been recently appearing on the closed beta. But if the speculations out right now are to be believed, the vendor could be selling his own rotating items for “Curious Coins” on WoW soon.

Who is Xur?

For those unfamiliar with “Xur”, the vendor offers two types of inventory items. Some of the items will be fixed and available with the other being listed at random every 24 hours.

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Players who have been privileged to play the closed beta report that Xur can be found on Dalaran. Among the stuff he has been selling include Ingram’s Puzzle (Engrams), Gjallar’s “Horn” (Gjallarhorn), Mote of Light (Mote of Light) and Krota’s Shield (a nod to end of final boss of The Dark Below) according to Eurogamer.

For the benefit of those who want to know what comprise the fixed inventory of Xur, that includes the following items:

  • Leather Love Seat – Cost: 1 Curious Coin
  • Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix – Cost: 1 Curious Coin
  • Flamespike – Cost: 1 Curious Coin
  • Soul Fibril – Cost: 1 Curious Coin
  • Straszan Mark – Cost: 1 Curious Coin

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How To Spot Xur?

Assuming that Xur does come out in WoW sometime this month, the next question is how do players spot him? For those wondering, this may help.

Xur is described as a shady-looking character usually flanked by objects that emit a strange purple glow. So for the ones set to play the “World of Warcraft: Legion” game, that should be something worth watching out for.

Xur’s arrival on WoW is still up for confirmation though it is something that will surely delight gamers. Many cashed out on the Strange Coins for exotic-class items, which they were able to obtain.

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