‘Descendants of the Sun’ 2 News: Is Song Joong Ki Hindering Lee Min Ho Success?

‘Descendants of the Sun’ 2 News: Is Song Joong Ki Hindering Lee Min Ho Success?
Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Drama Fever / YouTube
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Song Joong Ki is now the most famous actor in Korea with actress Song Hye Kyo as his female counterpart. Their TV show, “Descendants Of The Sun” caused the two actors to become the most sought after celebrities in South Korea and parts of Asia.


Another Korean actor with equal status is Lee Min Ho. He was the well-loved Go Jun Pyo in “Boys Over Flowers.”

According to Chatt Sports Net, the two actors are now being compared side by side. Rumors comparing the two actors surfaced when Lee openly admitted to admire Song Hye Kyo. She was the lady doctor in the military drama that fell in love with Song Joong Ki’s character.

The “Bounty Hunters” actor and the “Battleship Island” lead man are both top brand ambassadors and able performers. Lately, Song Joong Ki was seen to have gone ahead leaving Lee Min Ho tailing behind him earning-wise.

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Reports say that Song Hye Kyo’s leading man is earning more than Lee Min Ho.  His agency confirmed that he is now being offered contracts for endorsements not just in Korea but abroad. He is now the most popular Hallyu star and speculations were saying that he is earning more than Lee.

Is it possible that the “Running Man” actor is “blocking” Lee Min Ho’s success opportunities? News are spreading that he wants to work with Song Hye Kyo after his interview. Movie News Guide reported that he openly said that he wants to work with the actress because she was his type. He also said that he admires the actress and her acting ability.

If the above speculations are true, Lee Min Ho must work doubly hard to regain his former status as the most bankable actor. The “Descendants Of The Sun” drama was Song’s vehicle to grab the Hallyu throne. Will Song Hye Kyo help him make a hit movie or television show? It must be like the one she had with Song Joong Ki.

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