Derek Hough Says ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Is Love Letter Of Bindi Irwin To Dad

Derek Hough Says ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Is Love Letter Of Bindi Irwin To Dad

Derek Hough has said that this season of “Dancing With the Stars” has been a love letter of Bindi Irwin to her father. Derek, the dancing partner of Bindi, is overwhelmed about their inclusion in the finals. He wants her to go all the way.


Bindi has dedicated a lot of her performances to her father. In the show, she has displayed her growth, her struggle, and more. Thankfully, everything paid off and they are now voted to the finale. In an article written for TV Line, Derek mentioned an illness that is making him suffer. But he also mentioned that, “Bindi really wants to be a force for good and she is.”

Derek talked about their freestyle dancing. He said, “Our freestyle really embodies love and there are things in the routine that are not effects, but are nice looks and lighting and things of that nature that make it feel very raw and authentic.”

Talking about the finale, Derek said, “I think it’s going to be a great finale. We have four very distinct people and types of dancers. Honestly, we didn’t really know if it was still going to be a four-person finale or if they would eliminate someone.”

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Derek also gave an interview to Ferrvor magazine where he mentioned that he enjoyed the “Dirty Dancing” lift with Bindi. He is also grateful to his sisters who provided him with amazing experiences.

Derek and Bindi are expected to lift the trophy of “Dancing with the Stars.” Morning News USA expects to bring you more news from the contest.