Denny Miller Killed In ‘Home And Away,’ Jessica Grace Smith Departs From Show

Denny Miller Killed In ‘Home And Away,’ Jessica Grace Smith Departs From Show
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In an uneven twist, “Home And Away” has moved towards a point where a prime character of the show is killed accidentally. In the scene aired just recently, Denny Miller, played by Jessica Grace Smith, was killed.


The news is confirmed by the star herself on her social media account. She has mentioned in her Twitter, “Thanks everyone for all the love, well wishes and support over the last couple of years! Had a blast! Xx”

Jessica, aka Denny, was a regular on the show for the last two years and she was one of the most important characters. In the scene that aired last night, Denny had a fight with Charlotte King that got little too far. She fell on the floor and hit her head; Charlotte was horrified to see that Denny was actually dead.

Before that scene, Denny was shown backpacking for Europe and bidding goodbye to Summer Bay. She decided to meet Charlotte before catching up with the flight. When she arrived she found the safe that went missing from The Diner. This led to a physical fight which resulted in the death of Denny on the show.

How the story will run after the death of Denny will be seen in the upcoming episodes. Whether or not Charlotte will be able to cover up the death will be told shortly. However, this eventually means the end of Jessica Grace Smith on “Home and Away.” Fans will surely miss the beauty.

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