Demi Lovato Shows Off ‘Unfit’ Body Bikini Pics, Asserts Her Body Is Imperfectly Perfect

Demi Lovato Shows Off ‘Unfit’ Body Bikini Pics, Asserts Her Body Is Imperfectly Perfect
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On Friday, April 22, the famous singer, model and actress – Demi Lovato, made a deliberate display of her body in a series of bikini photos. Lovato showed off the photos on Snapchat.


The “Cool for the Summer” singer celebrated her body in a series of photos she posted on Snapchat.

In one photo, first seen by US Magazine, she held her tummy while wearing a strapless turquoise bikini. The singer wrote in the Snapchat caption: “My body isn’t perfect, I’m not my fittest, but this is me!! And I love it.”

The other photos, Lovato captioned it with, “Curves.”

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This is not the first time that Lovato used her own body to deliver an empowering message. October of last year, the singer displayed more skin when she posed naked in a Vanity Fair photo shoot.

Demi stated at the time that she would have never thought that she ever gotten to a place in her life where she would have felt comfortable. Right now,  Lovato finds it empowering to encourage other women that they can reach a goal where they can overcome body image issues. Moreover, women can feel comfortable and confident in their life regardless of their body shape and sizes.

This is a huge milestone for the singer. Lovato went from hating every single inch of her body to working herself out to achieve a perfectly toned body. Lovato learned that it is not impossible to achieve such a fine figure if a person really work hard.

Lovato recently celebrated four years in the state of being sober, which the singer gave credit to the actor, singer and producer boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama.

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