Watch: DeMarcus Cousins Goes Undercover To Referee Pickup Game

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DeMarcus Cousins, who recently returned home after winning a gold medal with Team USA at the Rio Olympics, disguised himself as a referee during a pickup game that was captured by popular website Draft Kings.


In the video (watch above), Cousins is seen taking tips from accredited referee Vince Kristosik before invading a pickup game.

Cousins, who suffers from a history of disciplinary issues, seems to have taken pot shots at referees.

Over the last three NBA seasons, no other player has received more suspensions, flagrant fouls and disciplinary-related suspensions.

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DeMarcus Cousins: Mr. Volatile

According to Sacramento Bee’s Ailene Voisin, the all-star center’s “volatile mood swings and bullying personality” has been the primary reason for Kings firing five different coaches since they drafted him in 2010.

Over the years, Cousins has matured and mellowed down but the temperamental big man is perennially just one bad officiating call away from an on-court outburst.

This past season, George Karl took it upon himself the suspend the franchise player for one game because he fired at the veteran coach during a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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At the time, Cousins admitted that the suspension didn’t come from the franchise but rather the coach. “That wasn’t no suspension from the organization. That was a suspension from the head coach, there’s a difference.”

History of indiscipline

Karl wasn’t the first coach who had to put up with Cousins’ tantrums. In January 2012, former Kings coach Paul Westphal sent Cousins home during a home game against the New Orleans Hornets, stating that the player was “unwilling/unable to embrace traveling in the same direction as his team; it cannot be ignored indefinitely.”

Last season’s suspension was the eighth in Cousins’ career. According to CBS Sports, “The NBA has suspended Cousins five of those times for six games. Two games happened for confronting San Antonio Spurs’ broadcaster Sean Elliot after a game for comments Elliot made about Cousins in comparison to Tim Duncan during the broadcast.

“He’s been suspended for striking O.J. Mayo in the groin, getting his 16th technical of a season, and elbowing Al Horford in the head.” And of course, there was the incident when Cousins punched Patrick Beverley in the stomach.

Funny enough, DeMarcus Cousins threw out a bunch of technical fouls during the hilarious video. It must have given enough fodder for referees to check him in the forthcoming season.


  • Well Meaning

    funnily enough, the one coach that connected with cousins was fired because cousins got sick. he just needs to leave that franchise and go to one that isn’t a complete joke.