Dedicate Unused Power of Your Smartphone to Science Using Samsung’s Power Sleep

Dedicate Unused Power of Your Smartphone to Science Using Samsung’s Power Sleep

samsung power use ed Dedicate Unused Power of Your Smartphone to Science Using Samsungs Power SleepMost of us plug in our phones for charging at night when we doze off right? That means there is a lot of unused processing cycles and power because, let’s face it, the phone is on and no one is using it. So why not “share this processing power for the good of science and humanity? Samsung has now decided to utilize the unused power of processing and allow this power to be used for scientific research and collaboration by users. Samsung disclosed that they are collaborating with Cheil worldwide for a new alarm app is generated called as “Power Sleep”. This Android app is for all the Android devices above version 2.3.


This app uses the idle CPU cycles to produce a “super cloud computer “that is accessible to researchers throughout the world. This app runs in background only when the user is asleep. The cycles are used to calculate the data that is less than 1MB. The data is then assembled at the University of Vienna which is then converted into an open-source protein-calculation database that can be easily used for cure of diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Power Sleep is launched by the Cheil worldwide in conjunction with the faculty of life sciences of Vienna University. The users just have to set an alarm when they are going to sleep. This app uses the smartphone’s processing cycles to compute data. The finished results are then transferred to the servers of research labs. The file size is usually kept under 1MB that is collated all over the world.

This app will be available for free download from both Google store as well as Samsung’s store. All the devices that run Android 2.3 or higher will be able to execute this utility.

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The COO of Cheil Austria said that Power Sleep is designed for users to collaborate in scientific research and development. This is a tremendous technology that was unknown to people for a long time. This app focuses on sharing or donating the unused or idle processing speed for the better purposes in science.

As soon as Samsung heard of this project by Cheil, they endorsed it right away. The company is already undertaking similar sort of initiates that allow the individuals to produce innovative products that contribute to the lives of people and communities. The Samsung has proved that technology only carries real meaning when it is put at the hands of the people. This innovation acts as a bridge to transfer the resources that are idle or useless for the users themselves.


  • M Sabarimalai Manikandan

    There is no innovation on this app since conventional application framework provides this provisions when you want to collect and send acquired data to the server. But charging battery-power of the mobile device will be challenging task either continuous mode or sleep mode operations. More power will be consumed while recording and sending data continuously.

  • Loy Larvin

    This is probably the most brilliant idea in IT in the last decade!