Debby Ryan Apologizes For Drunk-Driving

Debby Ryan Apologizes For Drunk-Driving

Celebrities are not spared when it comes to traffic law. In a recent case of drunk-driving, Disney star Debby Ryan was arrested. Good for though because she said she is sorry for the incident and admitted that she should be more cautious.


After the arrest and release, the star took to Twitter to share her feelings, TMZ pointed out. She mentioned, “Over the last few days I have had the chance to think about my actions, and I wish I had used better judgement. I recognise that I am a role model and have always worked hard to set a good example for my millions of fans. I am so sorry to disappoint everyone.”

Last week “Jessie” star, Debby Ryan was driving in L.A. at 11 p.m. She took a left in her Audi and hit a Mercedes. The driver of the Mercedes was injured.

Cops came and asked her for a sobriety test and found her to be drunk. She was arrested soon after. She was also charged with felony DUI — the standard charge when someone is injured.

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Ryan was released on $100k bail but was charged with driving under the influence and driving with a .08 blood alcohol level or higher. Thesr two cases can have an impact of her squeaky clean reputation as a Disney star.

Ryan of course, has her fair share of life issues even if she is a celebrity. She came out of an abusive relationship, E! News pointed out. She mentioned, “I wasn’t dating this person. This person considered themselves my best friend,” she also added, “We also had a professional relationship and it was such emotional manipulation to the point where it became physical, and it stopped before it got too far.”.

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