Debate Ensues Over Miracle Of Pope Francis In Naples

Debate Ensues Over Miracle Of Pope Francis In Naples
Image from Flickr by Global Panorama
14392480489 1262653782 z Debate Ensues Over Miracle Of Pope Francis In Naples
Image from Flickr by Global Panorama

Pope Francis has performed a miracle in Naples in the eyes of the faithful and of Cardinal Crescenzo Sepe. A blood of St. Gennaro inside an ampoule turned into liquid after Pope Francis kissed the vial.


The event, however, was no more than a chemical reaction of the blood when the vial was taken out from the vault, according to science experts.

Pope Francis Performs Miracle in Naples

Pope Francis was given a vial of blood as he held mass in Naples over the weekend. He kissed the vial and the thick blood turned into liquid thereafter, The Express reported.

Cardinal Sepe then turned to the crowd attending the mass and delightedly announced that the Pope had performed a miracle.

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“It is the sign that St. Gennaro loves Pope Francis: half of the blood turned to liquid,” the cardinal announced.

Pope was quick to respond with jest to seemingly move the attention away from the supposed miracle.

“The bishop said the blood is only half liquefied. It appears the saint only loves us half-way. We have to convert ourselves (to good) more so he loves us more,” the Pope said.

The Liquefying is not a Miracle

Liquefying of St Gennaro’s blood has been happening for the past centuries, Elena Curti, acting editor of the Tablet, told the Guardian. She said if the people treat the event in Naples a miracle, then they are missing on the true meaning of a miracle.

A miracle happens after the death of a person, she said. An event performed by a person while still alive could not be counted as a miracle, case in point was Padre Pio.

“In his lifetime there were stories that Padre Pio levitated and bilocated, but none of this had anything to do with him being made a saint. It’s miracles that have been attested and verified after his death that led to his sainthood,” Curti told The Guardian.

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The Last Time the Blood Liquefied was in 1848

According to reports, the last instance when the blood was seen to have transformed into liquid form was in 1848 in the presence of Pope Pius. Curiously, the blood did not change in the presence of John Paul II in 1979 and Benedict XVI in 2007.

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