Deaths & Season Finales: Who Dies in ‘Quantico,’ ‘Castle,’ ‘The Flash’?

Deaths & Season Finales: Who Dies in ‘Quantico,’ ‘Castle,’ ‘The Flash’?
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Season finales always surprise us with deaths among the cast members. Let’s see what “Quantico,” “Castle,” and “The Flash” have in store for us as they end their respective seasons.


ABC’s “Quantico” will have its season 1 finale. Executive producer of “Quantico” Joshua Safran said that lead character Will is “not in a good way.”

Following his return in the recent episode 19, Will revealed the terrorist’s plan and built a nuclear bomb.

“If he’s alive or dead you have to wait to see,” the producer dished out to Entertainment Weekly. “He’s not dead in the moment that he drops, I’ll say that.”

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Meanwhile, for season 8 of “Castle,” rumors have it that Stana Katic, who plays Kate Beckett, was fired in the series, leaving the producers an option to kill her character for the finale.

Amidst fans’ uproar regarding the exit of Katic, the ABC drama may also lose Nathan Fillion as his contract will expire at the end of Season 8. A report from Celebrity Dirty Laundry revealed that he has still not signed up for “Castle” season 9.

Lastly, for “The Flash,” it was reported that Team Flash will have a big showdown, with Zoom stealing Barry’s speed.

Entertainment Weekly said that the scarlet speedster will be seeking revenge with a recreation of a particle accelerator explosion.

However, the final episodes of “The Flash: season 2 still has no hints of deaths among the characters.

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