Dean Cain On Batman Vs. Superman: ‘I dozed off a couple of times’

Dean Cain On Batman Vs. Superman: ‘I dozed off a couple of times’
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Dean Cain said he dozed off a couple of times while watching the arguably critically reviewed film Batman vs. Superman with his son.


Cain, who’s in the Philippines over the weekend for the ToyCon PH 2016 was asked about his opinion on the mixed reviews that Batman vs. Superman received when it was released early this year. He told a group of local and international reporters that he watched the movie himself with his son, but unfortunately, he didn’t enjoy it.

“I actually dozed off a couple of times, I’ll be honest, it’s true. Having said that, I think Henry Cavill did a nice job in this incarnation of Superman. But it didn’t have a lot of romance and a lot humors and that’s what they’re going for; they’re going for a different incarnation,” Cain told reporters.

Cain, however, was quick to add that it wasn’t about the characters who contributed to the mixed reviews that the film received. In fact, he said, both Cavill and Ben Affleck, who played Batman, did a great job and gave justice to the characters.

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“But the film itself didn’t hold my attention. It was very long, I think it’s too long. You know, any story comes down to the characters, if you care about the character, then you care about the story,” he said.

Cain added that he’d rather watch Deadpool over Batman vs. Superman. For him, Deadpool was more witty and fun, which the Batman vs Superman didn’t have.

It can be recalled that the several movie-review sites and think tanks gave the film a rather negative review when it was released in March. The movie-review site Rotten Tomatoes have the film a 27% rating, while IMDB gave a 7/10 grade.

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  • Carnell Johnson

    No toilet humor and the movie is bad??? Sorry that a movie couldn’t hold your attention