‘Deadpool’ Screenwriters Look Forward To MORE Sequels!

‘Deadpool’ Screenwriters Look Forward To MORE Sequels!
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Deadpool made a killing at the box office with a whooping worldwide earnings of $760 million. This comes as a big surprise to screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.


In an interview with Comic Book Resources, the writers revealed that “Deadpool” was an original concept. They saw it as an advantage, not thinking about a previous story plot. They were free to experiment on how the plot would be expounded.

Even before the go signal, they have started pooling ideas for the sequel. They wish they can keep writing sequels of the successful masked character.

They were hesitant to divulge any information on the on-going sequel. They do not want people to anticipate but will give some revelations when the release date is fixed.

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Aside from “Deadpool,” they are hopeful to do another movie independent of the successful Ryan Reynolds-starrer. They have more movies in line that are not related to Wade Wilson’s story.

When asked about viewer’s expectation of the movie, Wernick revealed that it is similar to the first, except that they removed the swear words, toned down the sex scenes as well as the adult content. It is still a revenge story that hopes to get an R-rating.

According to Collider, the sequel’s budget will not be more than the $58 million. The first one was a success with minimal production cost.

The sequel is expected to be finished in two years. The love story angle is sure to continue. Wernick and Reese believe that it will be a magnet that will attract more viewers. It can give a more humane and emotional touch to the film. Many can also relate to the feeling.

The team that made “Deadpool” will remain intact with Tim Miller at the helm. 20th Century Fox wants to ensure that the spirit of the first film will continue in future sequels.

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