‘Deadpool’ Movie Lines So Dirty They Were Edited Out

‘Deadpool’ Movie Lines So Dirty They Were Edited Out
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Deadpool has been officially banned in China and was given an R-rating this week. Despite the 17-year-old minimum restriction with regards to viewers, the film’s director and writers verify why the movie is not for younger audiences.


As reported by Attack of the Fan Boy, T.J Miller, the actor who plays Weasel in the upcoming Marvel Comics film, “Deadpool,” was interviewed. He revealed why the movie has been rated R. In fact, he also gave a scoop about the lines that were said to be inappropriate for the audience.

Miller revealed that a Director’s Cut for “Deadpool” would be released and would be rawer compared to the cinema version. In fact, when the actor sat down with IGN, he revealed several lines that were declared too dirty for Deadpool.

Miller stated that lines such as, “You’re gonna die alone or at least, for other people’s sake, I hope that you do,” and “You look like a trucker shit on your shoulders and then shaped ears into it,” which were racially discriminating to be considered part of the script. He also revealed that the phrase, “Somebody pulled your balls up through your mouth and then wrapped them around your head,” was considered “too obtuse” and that no one would probably want to hear it delivered on film.

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However, aside from the profanity, Miller also commended his co-star Ryan Reynolds, who plays the lead character Deadpool, as someone who definitely knew how to improvise and make his role work for the movie.

Miller also said that he definitely understood why Reynolds was cast for the role. Apart from being an established actor, he is someone who knew what he was doing. Despite several lines banned from being incorporated into the film itself, at least, “You look haunting. You look like an avocado that had sex with an older avocado” made it through.

Starring Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and T.J. Miller as Weasel, catch “Deadpool” on theaters this February 12, and experience hilarity in one of Marvel Comics’ most anticipated movies this year.