Deadpool To Men On Valentine’s Day: Get Yourself Checked For Testicular Cancer

Deadpool To Men On Valentine’s Day: Get Yourself Checked For Testicular Cancer
Photo Credit: greyloch via Compfight cc
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Awaiting the release of Deadpool in theaters this February, lead actor Ryan Reynolds, basking away with the character’s suit, can’t seem to stop giving away free advice each week, especially when Valentine’s Day is coming.


His latest take did not discuss the upcoming film. Instead, he urged men in a humorous manner that they should get their testicles checked. Probably the best advice, since it’s almost the season of love, don’t you think?

As reported by Screen Rant, Deadpool may not just be a hero in the comic book world; he also could pass as a cancer-awareness herald!

A video posted on Ryan Reynold’s official Twitter page, much like in a form of a Public Service Announcement segment, urged the audience to be more mindful about testicular cancer. He even asked them to get checked for unusual symptoms or irregularities their genitals may be experiencing.

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As annoying as ever, Deadpool delivered his message in a humorous way, witty even, and appeared to be slightly serious about his take on the most common form of cancer that affects men worldwide.

He said, “Something to touch yourself to…” – the best advice he could give to men on Valentine’s Day perhaps?

Watch the video here.

The Deadpool movie, as reported by Cinema Blend, will showcase the talents of Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson. After finding out that he has cancer, not just in his lungs, liver, and brain but also with his prostate, he dedicates his remaining years as a servant to the government (No wonder the character has a stand on testicular cancer).

However, little did Wilson know that the government will embark him on a painful journey – participating in painful experimental operations that garnered him to possess powerful skills. Afterwards, he will turn into Deadpool, the assassin on a hunt to put an end to the one who tortured him.

Catch Deadpool on theaters this February 12, 2016, just in time for Valentine’s Day. And don’t forget, men, get your testicles checked!