Deadpool Expected To Be A Humorous Ride, Trailer Reveals Fight Scene With Ajax

Deadpool Expected To Be A Humorous Ride, Trailer Reveals Fight Scene With Ajax
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As per the latest trailer for Deadpool released recently, the fight scene between Deadpool and Ajax shows that the DC Comics “X-Men” version of the character is way out of proportion. Furthermore, the production members also revealed that the movie will be a humorous ride.


Deadpool is due to release this 2016, and spoilers for the movie just keep coming in. For starters, the new DC Comics installment seems to be back on track as the trailers showcase the character, although poorly represented in “X-Men: Wolverine,” was suited in red as he is supposed to be.

According to Slash Film, the second trailer for Deadpool shows a fight scene between Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds, and Ajax, played by Ed Skrein. The said scene shows that the two famous swords of Deadpool, Arthur and Bea, will make it extremely hard for Ajax to defeat the hero.

In other news, Entertainment Weekly reports that the movie will also showcase more of its humorous side on top of all the action. Furthermore, it is said to be an R-rated comedy.

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Although the character would get to keep the red suit, the director stated, “Deadpool is nothing but tangents and our attitude was just ‘Let’s embrace him.’” Additionally, Reynolds also said, “[The set] was an alternate-joke factory. For one joke in the movie we wrote 16 versions.”

However, there are some points in the movie where scenes are not sarcastic, much like the fight scene between Deadpool and Ajax. Skrein stated, “Ryan’s like Muhammad Ali, dancing around, whispering in my ear. And I’m George Foreman. Every blow is like a haymaker and I just want to take his head off.”