Deadly Sinkhole That Swallowed Man Two Years Ago Reopens In Florida

Deadly Sinkhole That Swallowed Man Two Years Ago Reopens In Florida
Point Buchon Sinkhole Paul Hamilton / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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A man was engulfed by a sinkhole two years ago. On Wednesday, the same sinkhole reopened, according to Florida officials.


No injuries reported

The sinkhole, which is 20 feet in diameter and of unknown depth, opened in Seffner, Fla. No injuries have been reported, nor have any homes been evacuated, Ronnie Rivera of Hillsborough County Fire Rescue said.

The opening of the hole was preceded by a loud noise. The opening is being attributed to the heavy rains that Pasco has seen in the past weeks.

According to USA Today, two years ago the sinkhole had swallowed the 36-year-old Jeff Bush, who at the time was sleeping in his house. The floors of the two bedrooms of the house on Faithway Drive sank at about 11 p.m., which the residents of the house say sounded like a thunderous car crash.

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Bush’s body was never recovered. His home, along with two neighboring ones, was torn down after the incident.

The hole was stuffed with gravel by a sinkhole remediation company.

‘You live your life one day at a time’

“It’s not uncommon for this type of settlement to occur when voids like this happen,” said Michelle Van Dyke, a county spokeswoman.

The current sinkhole appeared on an unoccupied area of land surrounded by a metal fence. Aerial pictures captured show the extent of the depression in the ground.

“Well, it’s, um, not expected and you live your life one day at a time,” Lisa Robinson, 51, said.

According to Fox News, Robinson currently lives a few houses from the site of the sinkhole. She lived in a different house during the sinkhole event two years ago.

She further says that she is renting the house in the neighborhood, and is not looking to stay.

Presence of limestone the cause of sinkhole occurrences

According to New York Post, the occurrence of sinkholes is common in Florida, and so home insurers are required by state law to provide coverage for the same. The sinkholes have known to damage cars and property, but have never otherwise engulfed a person.

The presence of caverns below the ground – made up of limestone, which easily dissolves in water – is the reason why Florida is susceptible to occurrence of sinkholes.

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