DC Universe Online Coming To Xbox One This Year

DC Universe Online Coming To Xbox One This Year
DC Universe Online DC Universe Online
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DC Universe Online is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a big announcement: the DC Universe is finally making its way to Xbox One.


Yes, DC Universe Online is said to be coming to Xbox in Spring 2016. Meanwhile, it was also recently announced that friends and families will soon be able to wage battles as the PC/PS4-Play will also be happening around the week of January 25. And next month, DC Universe Online fans can also look forward to seeing Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Captain Cold and Atom, as they can catch the Legends of Tomorrow in Episode 21 by next month.

Meanwhile, aside from the Legends of Tomorrow, fans can also expect to see some brand new storylines for 2016. For starters, there will be a New Superman Storyline that is set to begin in the PhantomZone and take you all the way for an “epic finish” in the City of Kandor. This New Superman Storyline will feature Superman, Supergirl, Superboy (voiced by Greg Miller), Lois Lane, Ursa, Zod and Non.

At the same time, players can also expect to witness the finale for the “Halls of Power” where they have to help stop Darkseid’s forces from invading Central City. And as far as finales go, fans can also expect to see the finale of “Amazon Fury” later this year. And if you love Harley Quinn, you’re in for a treat. DC Universe Online says there will now be a storyline centered around her.

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At the same time, players can also look forward to a new powerset, 4th color palette, league recruitment tools as well as some style and gear unlocking. Meanwhile, special anniversary gifts that commemorate 2015 are also available, but only until January 31.

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