DC Extended Universe: New ‘Man Of Steel Unreleased’ TV Spot Reveals New Footage Of Superman

DC Extended Universe: New ‘Man Of Steel Unreleased’ TV Spot Reveals New Footage Of Superman
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On the release of Man of Steel, Many DCEU fans appreciated Zack Snyder for his portrayal of Superman in the movie. While the superhero movie did justice by meeting our expectations, could there have been more to the movie that we aren’t aware of?


Recently Warner Bros. released their Ultimate Edition cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The movie was extended by 30 minutes of extra footage, revealing various unseen footage. Most of the fans reactions suggested that the movie would have been a success if the studio had released the Ultimate Edition.

While Man of Steel is considered to be a successful movie among fans and at the box office, could it have reached the levels of a Marvel Cinematic movie if Warner Bros. released the Ultimate Edition for it as well? There have been speculations that the deleted scenes could have contained R rated action sequences and other explanations.

After its initial release, reports kicked in that Man of Steel was actually over 3 hours. The studio made the decision to cut over 37 minutes of precious footage from the movie. While fans did understand Warner Bros. decision at that moment, after the release of Batman v Superman’s Ultimate Edition, perhaps the studio must consider releasing an uncut version for Man of Steel.

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Recently, the DCEU fans got another reason as an unused Man of Steel TV Spot landed on YouTube. As pointed out by redditor BeenTryin, we can see a new shot of Superman flying for about .5 seconds in the video.  You can check it below.

Earlier this month, we also came across an insignia of brainiac from Man of Steel. Speculations suggested that it wasn’t a coincidence but rather a secret reference included by Zack Snyder, teasing the plot and supervillian for Man of Steel 2. If true, we can expect an announcement on the sequel during San Diego Comic-con.

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