‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers for June 22-24, 2016: Abby To Escape as Kate Mansi Exits for Marci Miller; Who is Monahan?

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers for June 22-24, 2016: Abby To Escape as Kate Mansi Exits for Marci Miller; Who is Monahan?
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The first two episodes of Days of Our Lives this week draw a lot attention from their followers. Based on new Days of Our Lives spoilers, there’s more to come in Salem in the coming days.


Chad will remain worried of Abby after the incident at Shady Hills. From the looks of it, Chad will consider making moves to get his wife out from the facility. Abigail will ask Chad to bring her home but Dr. Robinson will not allow it to happen. Will this force Chad to forcefully take her out of Shady Hills?

Abby, who cannot take Ben out of her mind in recent episodes, is desperate to get out of Shady Hills. It seems she will not wait for her husband anymore, Days of Our Lives spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry revealed. Abby will take the matter into her own hands and will make a great escape on Friday. Watch out for it!

Abby’s escape on Friday will also mark Kate Mansi’s final Days of Our Lives episode. It was revealed earlier this year that Mansi will exit from one of the longest-running soap operas. Abby will not die in the soap opera, though, as her character is too important to be killed off. Marci Miller will play the role starting this fall so fans will have to adjust.

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Meanwhile, a new character is set to arrive on Thursday — his name is Monahan. Who is Monahan? According to DOOL spoilers from Soap Shows, Monahan will appear in the police station and look for Roman and Rafe. The mysterious man will say that he has something to confess about a murder.

Andre has been in jail for a while for a crime that he is innocent off. Is Monahan related to Andre? Roman and Rafe will not believe Monahan, which is quite expected because they know who really killed Stefano. However, Monahan’s statement could signal the end of Andre’s time in jail.

Elsewhere, TV Guide teased that Chad will be confused upon learning that Andre is out of jail. Hope will also ask Aiden to go with her to Green Mountain Lodge. Rafe will look for Hope, only to find out that she went out with Aiden. Kate will also tell Nicole that she will be removed from her position.

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