Days of Our Lives Spoilers July 25-29 Week: Adriana Convinces Rafe to Stay Away From Hope, Joe and Jade Come Closer

Days of Our Lives Spoilers July 25-29 Week: Adriana Convinces Rafe to Stay Away From Hope, Joe and Jade Come Closer
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Days of Our Lives spoilers for July 25-29 teased that this week the viewers will be treat to emotional moments and heated disagreements.


Adriana turns down Rafe’s romantic advances, Hope becomes concerned over Ciara’s interactions with Chase and Aiden plots a new risky scheme.

Hope will become worried after receiving the updates of the recent interactions between Chase and Ciara, who is volunteering at Shady Hills, , the Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported. Ciara is constantly around Chase and things are not going to well.

Though Hope knows her daughter well enough, she would still be concerned about how all these would be affecting her. Calming down a remorseful Chase could be taking its toll on Ciara.

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Hope offers guidance to Ciara but she has to handle things in her own way and not let Chase stop her from pursuing the career of her choice. Meanwhile, Aiden chalks out a plan to prove that Andre was responsible for the explosion. The scheme would serve two purposes, of convincing Hope that Aiden was not behind the explosion and avenging Andre at the same time.

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According to Days of Our Lives spoilers, Adriana will manage to convince Rafe to stay away from Hope. She thinks there is no future for him as long as Hope is there.

Meanwhile, Shawn and Belle fights over family issues as Claire’s plan seem to create some tension. Claire will decide not to pursue college and accept a new job instead. However, her decision might create tensions between Belle and Shawn.

Joey and Jade come closer to each other despite Jade’s father disapproving of it. Hal gets angry after realizing how close the two have come, the Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported.

A new clue will appear in the search for Tate and while Steve is still helping John and Paul in the search, he will soon make a career change. While Steve wants Kayla back in his life, Kayla is not convinced enough to take the leap. Fynn is in love with Kayla as well and will steal a kiss from her, according to Day of Our Lives spoilers.

Sonny will catch up with Paul, Adrienne and Justin. He will lambaste Deimos for what he did to Victor and Maggie. Deimos will make a move to prove he is worthy of Nicole after seeing her getting more pally with Dario.

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