‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Hope Returns Home, John and Marlena Share a Romantic Moment

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Hope Returns Home, John and Marlena Share a Romantic Moment
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Days of Our Lives spoilers for August 1 to 5 revealed that fans will see Deimos and Nicole taking their relationship to next level. Hope comes home after a brief stay at the hospital, while romance brews between John and Marlena. Fans will also see John discovering some new clues while investigating the disappearance of Tate.


The explosion not only gave Hope the injuries but also left a scar in her mind. However, she tries to get over the traumatic experience. Thanks to Salem’s doctors, the injuries have now healed and she is back home.

Ciara has also moved in with her mother to help her and give her company. Hope is glad to have her daughter around and the time will also allow her to bond with Rafe once again. Soon there will be love in the air for them.

Days of Our Lives spoilers teased that John and Marlena will share a romantic moment.  John discovers clues in Tate’s kidnapping relating to the Chopin Group in Greece. He plans to visit Indianapolis for the purpose of investigation, but makes sure he spends some romantic time with the “Doc” before he leaves, the Celeb Dirty Laundry reported.

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Joey and Jade go strong in their relationship, even after being caught kissing by Jade’s father which infuriated him. Joey also goes through an emotional downturn as a result of Ava’s death, the International Business Times reported.

Chloe discovers she is pregnant, after the sofa romp with Deimos. Philip is shocked by the news but still tries to help in any way he can. It is not only Chloe who is facing hard times, Chad is also struggling to deal with his problems, as he fights the custody battle over Thomas. Someone gives Chad a call and informs him about Abigail. His whole world comes crumbling down when he hears about Abigail’s status. Jennifer too will be devastated by the loss of her daughter.

The week wraps up with Jennifer imaging Jack comforting her as she struggles with her loss.

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