‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Abigail To Die? Aiden Going To Jail?

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Abigail To Die? Aiden Going To Jail?
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Days of Our Lives fans are hearing a lot of speculations and rumors about the upcoming episodes of their favorite soap opera. In case you are not in the know about the latest DOOL rumors, you came to right place.


Days of Our Lives fans are being drawn more and more into the plot, as there seems to be a possibility of Hope returning with Rafe. In the meantime, Aiden’s lies will now be exposed, as Shawn and Rafe compares his blood with the samples from the marriage license. The results will make them worried about Hope, who could still be in danger because of Aiden.

Andre’s plan will finally start showing results, as Chad offers his brother anything he wanted for helping him find answers about Abigail. However, Chad doesn’t trust Andre completely. Chad gets someone to follow Andre after he leaves so that he can follow his moves. He is playing along with Andre with hopes of getting information on Abigail’s location.

However, Chad is unaware of Andre’s plan, which he will be able to execute successfully without being caught. Andre will get the results of his plan next week. He will inform Chad that Abigail was on a chartered plane that recently crashed.

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According to the Days of Our Lives spoilers, Andre will be able to convince Chad of Abigail’s death, which will send him on the verge of a breakdown. Jennifer will start worrying about Thomas’ well-being, as Chad’s situation becomes more complicated, the Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported.

Jennifer will also notice that Chad and Ciara have grown closer following their conversation in the square. After she learns of Abigail’s accident, she becomes more protective about her grandchild Thomas.

Meanwhile, Shawn tells Hope that Aiden has been lying and this makes hope furious at Aiden and arrests him. She then demands to know the truth from him, the HOFMag reported. Aiden continues to insist that he still loves Hope. But now that she knows the truth, she does not believe him. She is equally angry with herself for leaving Rafe for Aiden.

With a mind to apologize, Hope tries to contact Rafe, only to find out that he is in DiMera property. She gets to him as soon as possible and saves him.

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