‘Days Gone’ Release Date and Gameplay: Is It a ‘The Last of Us’ Spinoff? Xbox One Version Still Doubtful

‘Days Gone’ Release Date and Gameplay: Is It a ‘The Last of Us’ Spinoff? Xbox One Version Still Doubtful
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Days Gone drew comparisons to The Last of Us when Sony showed snippets of the game at E3 2016. Now, two of the game’s developers have come to its defense, stating that the upcoming PS4-exclusive will be bigger and better than the 2013 horror survival game.


That’s not to say the initial comparisons were unfounded. Similar to The Last of Us, Days Gone is a post-apocalyptic third-person shooter with dramatic undertones and intense storytelling. Much like Joel, Days Gone protagonist Deacon St. John also has his fair share of personal losses, which factors heavily into the game.

Days Gone senior artist Brian Pape begged to disagree. In a recent interview with Games Radar, Pape explained that while the game borrows familiar themes and story beats from The Last of Us, it won’t play the same as Naughty Dog’s critically-acclaimed horror masterpiece.

“I think this is on the opposite end of the spectrum from The Last of Us. It’s more over the top, its more extreme,” said Pape. “The sheer number [of zombies] we have shows that. In The Last of Us you’d come across one or two at a time and make your way between them. This is more of a run and gun style, over the top extreme action.”

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According to Mashable, players don’t run from zombies in Days Gone. Instead, players confront the horde head on. In the game, zombies are called Freakers, half-living humans who were infected by the virus.

Days Gone animator Emmanuel Roth noted that the game’s survival elements dares players to get creative. They can accomplish missions and puzzles by utilizing their unique individual play style.

“We have this big open world where you can interact if you see something in the mountain, the background, if you want to check it out,” Roth explained. “You can go somewhere and deal with it the way you want.”

With regards to the game’s platform availability, it’s still doubtful if it will ever be released for Xbox One or PC. It was previously stated that the game was specifically designed for the PS4 and was developed via the Unreal Engine 4 game tool. Days Gone might not playable anywhere else due to software compatibility issues.

Days Gone PS4 release date will likely be set in 2017. Watch the announce trailer below.

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