David Witko From ‘The Bachelorette Australia’ Has Finally Found His Love

David Witko From ‘The Bachelorette Australia’ Has Finally Found His Love
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“The Bachelorette Australia” has completed its first week and rumors are already cooking. Last week ended with David Witko thrown out of the bachelorette’s mansion. His behavior in the show along with the words he uttered toward Sam Frost has been a matter of discussion ever since.


Witko is a model by profession who was once part of every fashion week in Australia. He has been featured in commercials from DKNY, Gucci and Calvin Klein. However, on the show, he broke the “bro code” and also called Sam materialistic. This made Sam evict the guy from the show.

However, it does not seem that David is unhappy with the refusal. David has moved on and he is generating a romantic relationship with close friend Delta Goodrem. Just weeks after his eviction from “The Bachelorette Australia” David was spotted with the lady and there were already a string of dates between the two.

The duo met each other for a beauty product campaign in 2012, and they have been good friends since then. According to an insider, “They’ve been pals for a long time.” The insider added, “But when Delta saw David in the Bachelorette promos, she began to see him as boyfriend material.”

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The source also mentioned, “Hearing him say he was ready for a serious commitment struck a nerve for Delta and she saw him in a different light.” They shared an electrifying chemistry with each other during the shoot in 2012.

While Witko is shown as a villain in “The Bachelorette Australia,” his friends believe that it is the production team and sneaky editing that played the culprit. However, the story of David is over in the show while his real life picks up.

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