David Sneddon Is Alive: Kim Jong Un Kidnapped Student For English Lessons – Report

David Sneddon Is Alive: Kim Jong Un Kidnapped Student For English Lessons – Report
North Korea — Pyongyang (stephan) / Flickr CC

An American student believed to have died in China in 2004 is actually alive in North Korea.


David Sneddon from Brigham Young University was kidnapped to serve as Kim Jong Un’s personal tutor. Sneddon had gone missing in Yunnan Province while hiking.

According to Choi Sung-yong, head of South Korea’s Abductees’ Family Union, David was kidnapped to be a tutor of English to Jong Un, as reported by Yahoo News Japan.

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David Sneddon is alive

“We just knew in our heart that he was alive, so we had to keep fighting,” said David’s mother, Kathleen Sneddon.

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Kathleen and David’s father, Roy, got a call from a member of the Committee of Human Rights in North Korea, who invited him and Kathleen to Washington DC to meet a few people who were kidnapped and kept in North Korea.

It was after the couple appeared on Voice of America when they received an unexpected call. “I received a phone call from a US citizen near Seoul,” Roy said. “He said, ‘My wife was a defector so I’m in touch with a community of people who left North Korea.’ They tell me there is someone who matches the description of your son and he’s teaching English in Pyongyang.”‘

According to Kathleen, while the couple was “hopefully optimistic” following the phone call, they kept their expectations grounded.

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To spread awareness about their son’s case, the couple started a Facebook page and a website they dedicated to their son.

“David Sneddon, our youngest son, disappeared twelve years ago this month (on or about August 14, 2014) while hiking in China’s Yunnan Province,” the family’s website, HelpFindDavid.com, reads.

“Our latest information on David’s case points to David’s likely abduction by elements of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea).”

Earlier this year, a joint Resolution was presented by Utah Representative Chris Stewart and Senator Mike Lee to the House of Representatives and the Senate calling for an action to investigate what happened to David.

The Daily Mail reports that David is in Pyongyang, capital of North Korea. He is teaching English to children and has a wife and two children.

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