Davey Sent Home, So Who Will Be ‘The Bachelorette Australia’ Winner?

Davey Sent Home, So Who Will Be ‘The Bachelorette Australia’ Winner?
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Finally, Davey is sent home by Sam Frost on “The Bachelorette Australia.” Davey fought his best to win Sam’s heart on the double date with Tony and could survive only for one episode after that. It was always on the cards as it became quite obvious that Sam was not interested on any of the two. This leaves 5 men in the race to become “The Bachelorette Australia” winner for its inaugural season.


While Davey is not happy to leave the show, he has also admitted that he kept a painful secret from the girl. According to the bachelor he has lost two friends during the filming of the dating reality show. In his words, “It was two completely different groups of mates and it happened within six days of each other,” he added, “I had to Skype some of the boys and it was really difficult and I did contemplate leaving.”

Davey mentioned, “That was pretty emotional for me and it was just hard to be away from it all.” So why did not he told Sam about the happenings in his private life? His answer, “I had Sam’s right intentions there, so I never told her what was happening because I didn’t want her to feel guilty.”

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Davey also mentioned that being one of the youngest participants in the show, he tried his best to win Sam. According to him, he was quite impressed by Sam and he started to have feelings for her as time passed by.

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While Davey failed to make his mark, another contestant is doing his bit to make the mark darker. The soccer player, Michael Turnball, stole a kiss after he won the group date. The guy looks to be a very confident frontrunner of the show.

If the rumors are to be believed, Michael also dated Kyly Clarke. According to Ok Magazine, the duo dated in 2003 but the relationship did not work out. Will his relationship with Sam actually work out and will he become the first “The Bachelorette Australia” winner? Stay tuned as we bring you more.