Danny Pintauro’s HIV+ Revelation Elicits Emotional Reactions From Costars

Danny Pintauro’s HIV+ Revelation Elicits Emotional Reactions From Costars
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When Alyssa Milano learned that her former “Who’s the Boss?” co-star, Danny Pintauro, was HIV positive, she couldn’t contain her tears. “I hate that it took him so long to feel comfortable, but I’m so glad that he is able to express himself now,” Milano said, according to the Los Angeles Times.


Pintauro shared that he had been HIV positive for 12 years. Revealing the news Saturday on “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” he also said that he knew exactly when he got infected but that he “didn’t want to be that guy” for anyone else. While sharing his reaction to when he learned about his disease, he said, “There’s this awful feeling of, I’m never going to be able to have a good relationship. No one’s ever going to want me.’ … That moment of, ‘Oh, God, I’m now going to have to have that conversation every time I meet someone. Who’s going to want to love me?'”

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Pintauro came out about his sexuality in 1997, saying that he was forced to. But now he desires to be an activist and spread awareness about HIV.

“I guarantee you [Pintauro] will change so many lives,” Milano said. “And I’m so grateful that this disease is now being discussed again because it feels like there was such a long time that it wasn’t.”

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Like Winfrey, Milano described Pintauro as a “beacon of light, and he will be.” She said that after the show finished in 1992, she hadn’t been in contact with him; and so was unaware that he was HIV positive. “Danny and I didn’t talk for many years after the show was over, because when the show ended it was a different time. We didn’t have cellphones or Facebook or anything,” she said. “I would’ve been calling his parents’ house, being like, ‘Can I talk to Danny?'”

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As reported by US Magazine, Judith Light also praised and spoke highly on Pintauro, saying she was “happy for him” and “proud of him.” She also said, “What it took – the process for him to do this and be that brave and courageous is incredibly moving to me. This is a young man who has been through a lot so I have great respect for him. I have great pride in knowing him.” She added, “Do you know how many people he’s going to affect? How many lives he’s going to save? Do you know what a difference this will make? The ripple effect of what he’s doing?”

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