Daniel Bryan vs The Bear: Know More About The Pre-WrestleMania 32 Documentary

Daniel Bryan vs The Bear: Know More About The Pre-WrestleMania 32 Documentary
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WWE SmackDown general manager Daniel Bryan finally released the mysterious pre-Wrestlemania 32 documentary and the whole thing seemed to be nothing more than a joke.


#ReleaseTheBear had many thinking on what was really going on. Some thought it was a wrestler while others actually though it was a real bear. As it turned out, it was a wrestler in a bear costume who turned out to be Hornswoggle, Daily DDT reported.

A Lot Of Pun Intended

With Bryan banned from joining the WWE, this was perhaps the closest he would come to entertaining the fans. Despite looking a lot like a crazy man, no one can deny the fact that Bryan still has it as far as rendering storylines.

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A parody of sorts, if you may will, the whole dish could be a waste of time for some but hilarious for the folks with a good sense of humor. Seeing Hornswoggle in the mix, there had to be something funny tied up to it.

WWE Personalities Chipped In Too

It wasn’t Bryan and Hornswoggle alone. There were key personalities that made it look serious like Nikki Bella, JBL, William Regal and even Zeb Colter. Michael Cole did a good job as well, making it look like an actual segment similar to what is seen at WWE shows.

There were three parts released, much of which you can see below. Part 1 will make no sense until you see the bear (Hornswoggle) appearing. From the size of the ‘bear’, it was practically a gimme that Hornswoggle was the one wearing the suit, Cageside Seats reported.

Will The Miz Take A Shot At Daniel Bryan?

The Miz could help out in some way to support Bryan by being his devious self. The two were in a heated exchange previously on “Talking Smack” so it may be interesting if he takes a swipe at the parody-documentary.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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