Dangerous Golf from the Former Creators of Burnout – A Ridiculous Yet Oddly Satisfying Game

Dangerous Golf from the Former Creators of Burnout – A Ridiculous Yet Oddly Satisfying Game
Golf Can Be Dangerous David Amsler / Flickr cc
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Have you ever thought of Golf as anything but a peaceful outdoor game? Well, try your hand at one of the most ridiculous and shocking golf games ever to see the light of day – Dangerous Golf.


Inspired by the highly popular Crash mode that has made Burnout one of the most entertaining games for ardent gamers, its former makers have managed to hit the hammer right on top of the nail called insane by coming up with the idea of Dangerous Golf. Placed in an area with a lot of “smash-able” objects, such as a dining room decked with expensive silverware or a gas station that is well stocked with cans of food, one is free to hit a golf ball and try and cause as much damage as possible.

The Verge reported that Alex Ward, creative director at Dangerous Golf had the following comment to make regarding their new endeavor:

“We’ve been creating gameplay that’s never been done before, guided by our own sense of stupidity. Until you’ve smashed up some toilets and jumped a golf ball out of a mop bucket, I guess you haven’t lived.”

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According to Polygon, Dangerous Golf presents a perfect mix of realistic visuals and the messy, pure fun of arcade games. While players were awarded for their technique of driving and maintaining their speed in Burnout, this game will be more about causing the maximum damage by using as few shots as possible and learning to master the ricochet technique and trick shots. The ultimate reward is to be able to access the “SmashBreaker”, an advanced phase of the game where the golf ball in play turns into a bomb, causing explosions wherever it lands.

Dangerous Golf will come out in May and will be available on Steam, the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store.

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