D’Angelo Russell, The Snitch: Funniest Memes & Tweets

D’Angelo Russell, The Snitch: Funniest Memes & Tweets
D’Angelo Russell as Randall Weems Basketball Forever / Twitter
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D’Angelo Russell, 20, has a promising career ahead of him. But the Los Angeles Lakers rookie has potentially damaged his character and lost the trust of players around the league for breaking the proverbial Man Code.


It’s no laughing matter. But Russell’s “snitching act” has given tweeters and social media enthusiasts a scandalous subject to dig into. How could it not? The controversy involves a world-famous pop singer, a veteran Lakers player and another young Laker positioned to take over as the next face of the Purple & Gold. This has all the ingredients of a Gold Standard tabloid piece.

There was a period between Tuesday and Wednesday when D’Angelo Russell was mentioned in approximately 224,000 tweets. Even non-Laker fans were taking a dig at the former Ohio State standout.

Here, we list some of the funniest memes posted over the last 24 hours.

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D’Angelo Weems

Do you remember Randall J. Weems? Well, he portrayed the annoying tattletale from Disney’s popular show “Recess” that ran between 1997 and 2001. Just about every kid at the playground hated him for being a snitch.

Chiseled in Mt. Hushmore

This one is amazing. The Mount Rushmore of Snitches from the sports world. Russell joins Steve Williams, former baseball star Jose Canseco and Russell’s legendary teammate, Kobe Bryant. While Williams spilled the beans on Tiger Woods’ extra marital affairs, Canseco exposed how most of his peers used steroids and Bryant snitched on teammate Shaquille O’Neal for cheating on his wife. Shaq allegedly threatened to ‘murder’ Kobe in 2004.

D’Lo joins the cast of ‘The Wire’

HBO’s award-winning original series (2002-2008) was all about narcs and snitches. Those who have seen the show can relate to Russell drawing comparisons with the character Randy Wagstaff, portrayed by Maestro Harrell.

Not sharing the dinner table…

ESPN’s shocking report on Tuesday revealed that Russell’s teammates have been ignoring him at the dinner table. Oh boy! Talk about a high school drama.

Of Mice and Men….

Those who’ve read the 1937 novel will find this one extremely hilarious. John Steinbeck’s classic told the story of two migrant ranch workers George Milton and Lennie Small. The story ends with George shooting Lennie at the back the head after they meet at their favorite spot.

Here’s a more realistic version…

The Fresh Prince….

Remember the time when Will Smith was deserted by his Belair Family?

Russell’s new Wikipedia page…

Not giving you the ball, son

Is Russell going to face a similar problem for the rest of the season?

Let’s wrap this one up with a few more…

Can’t get enough of it? Visit this page. D’Angelo Russell has given social media enough fodder to last a lifetime.